The Drawings and Writings of Richard Henshaw. Vol. 1




Richard Henshaw’s disappearance early in 2020 while on an expedition to explore the geology of Sutherland has become the subject of legend and so the emergence shortly afterwards of a notebook containing his drawings and writings was an event of some significance. Anonymously entrusted to this publisher, having been discovered under the floorboards of Henshaw’s Maryhill bedsit, a facsimile has been printed and is now available.

The Drawings and Writings of Richard Henshaw. Vol. 1

Publisher: A-M-G5
Artist: Richard Henshaw
Texts: Richard Henshaw
Designer: Raydale Dower
Publication date: 2021
Binding: softback
Dimensions: 204 x 128 mm
Pages: 96
Edition of 100

Richard Henshaw – what can be said of this idiosyncratic polymath, this laureate of liminal places? Little, we surmise, can be gathered from the name itself, suggestive more of a Kentish chiropractor than of an artisan or artificer. More, perhaps, from his unsentimental education by a war-damaged prep school pedagogue, the fly-fishing injury that ended a promising Test career, the art school dalliances, the dabbling in alchemy and psychiatry?

And what are these drawings and writings? An escape from a career that produced an open-ended opus including the notorious result (now much sort after) of an invitation to guest-edit Vogue, an influential series of experimental short films of cheese plants, and a Jungian interpretation of Wisden? What is this bizarre bucolic bardo realm that is depicted; this post-apocalyptic purgatory in a granite fastness peopled with characters flaunting their cosmetically enhanced prosthetics, their unsynchronised voices echoing from all sides of the grave?