Since September 2018 A-M-G5 has been publishing art books in small editions. One series records an ongoing programme of one person exhibitions which focus on a single artwork, or a specially selected group of them. The books document the exhibited artwork and include specially commissioned pieces of creative writing. 25 copies of each edition are signed and numbered by the artist. A second series will consist of books made in close collaboration with individual artists. The first of these, published in January 2022, is The Drawings and Writings of Richard Henshaw Vol. 1. The second, Isabella Widger: Beet Red, was published in February and the third, Alan Hathaway: forever and just for one day, in July. A-M-G5 also has available for sale three monographs on the work of Carol Rhodes, including the most recent, A Peculiar Freedom with Reality, published at the end of 2021 by the Carol Rhodes Estate.