Carol Rhodes




This monograph reproduces over forty of Carol Rhodes’s paintings and, for the first time, a significant number of drawings. Specially commissioned texts by curator Lynda Morris and art critic Moira Jeffrey discuss Rhodes’s work in the context of her biography and cultural background, and examine its place and importance in contemporary art.

The monograph also includes an interview with Rhodes by gallerist and curator Andrew Mummery. Rhodes’s thoughts about her art have rarely appeared in print before and their inclusion here is especially valuable. As well as the full page plates, archival and documentary photographs accompany the texts, chronology, exhibition history and bibliography sections. The book provides the most comprehensive overview of Rhodes’s work yet available.

Carol Rhodes

Publisher: Skira Editore
Artist: Carol Rhodes
Texts: Moira Jeffrey and Lynda Morris
Editor: Andrew Mummery
Designer: James Brook
Publication date: 2018
Binding: hardback
Dimensions: 246 x 276 mm
Pages: 196
ISBN: 978-88-572-3816-6

Carol Rhodes was born in Edinburgh in 1959 and spent her early years in India. She studied at Glasgow School of Art and lived and worked in Glasgow throughout her career, playing an important role in the cultural life of that city. In December 2013 she was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and she died in December 2018.

Carol Rhodes was one of the most distinctive painters working in the UK in recent times. Her small scale, quasi-documentary landscapes representing human intervention in the ‘natural’ environment, are unique, at once as propositions within postmodern painting and as reflections on our conception of and relationship to the world.