Carol Rhodes – A Peculiar Freedom with Reality




Texts by Andrew Mummery

Carol Rhodes’s paintings are fictional syntheses, but they are grounded in a reaction to things seen and felt in the real world. The paintings that she made between 1994 and 1998 were key to the development of her work. It was during this period that she established the subject matter, achieved the technical virtuosity and assumed the distinctive authorial tone that was to typify her work. This publication focuses on four of the paintings made at this time, plus a fifth dating from 2001, which all recognisably refer to the same location – the landscape and architecture of Kelvinbridge Park in the west end of Glasgow. A close look at these important formative works suggests new ways of approaching Rhodes’s art and assessing her achievement.

The publication explores Rhodes’s evolving creative process and draws on some of the source material for the paintings which is preserved in Rhodes’s archive: two notebooks dating from 1994 to 1997, several preparatory drawings and studies and a number of the artist’s own photographs. This material, revelatory of Rhodes’s working methods, is reproduced for the first time.

Carol Rhodes: A Peculiar Freedom with Reality

Publisher: Carol Rhodes Estate
Artist: Carol Rhodes
Texts: Andrew Mummery
Designer: Raydale Dower
Publication date: 2021
Binding: softback
Dimensions: 202 x 223 mm
Pages: 68
Edition of 300