Alan Hathaway: forever and just for one day




This book reflects Hathaway’s interest in zines and self publishing – art forms that were once crucial for sharing information. Social media now plays this role and has vastly accelerated the speed at which information can be shared. Hathaway is interested in what might have been lost as a consequence.

Visual information was retrieved from a digital source – a BBC Scotland programme previewing the concerts given by David Bowie at Glasgow’s Apollo Theatre in June 1978 (the legendary venue was under threat of closure at the time) – and then partially lost again through the printing process. The book accepts the limitations of the technology used to make it. It is full of glitches, subtle misprinting, inconsistencies , misalignments and errors caused by the riso process. Pages and prints ‘slip’ across the riso drum as they are printed – chance begins to dictate the actual positioning of images. It becomes a zine for Bowie’s Apollo gigs, for and about the lost venue and the fans who gathered there. It is something full of shadows.

Alan Hathaway is an artist who was born in London and is now based in the north east of England.

Alan Hathaway:
forever and just for one day

Publisher: A-M-G5
Artist and designer: Alan Hathaway
Publication date: 2022
Risograph printing by Tiny Golden Books
Slip case cover screen printed by M.A.R.S Print Studio Binding: softback
Dimensions: 210 x 148 mm
Pages: 20 plus transparent slip case
Edition of 100