Isabella Widger: BEET RED


Isabella Widger

13-27 February 2022 at 20 Albert Road, Glasgow G42 8DN
Exhibition open Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm and by appointment

The exhibition celebrates the publication of BEET RED a book of drawings and poetry by Isabella Widger.

Isabella Widger tells stories. In her drawings and installations she references episodes from nineteenth and twentieth century history and literature, and from her own Irish and Polish Catholic ancestry. She is interested in the connections between storytelling and myth-making. She employs satire and caricature with the subtlety of many of her literary models and makes blackly humorous raids on art history. The female figure who makes regular appearances in her drawings is an avatar who disrupts and subverts, revealing the fragilities of previously accepted hierarchies.

The first true storyteller, wrote Walter Benjamin, was, and will continue to be, the teller of fairy tales. The fairy tale has a liberating magic and the wisest thing that it teaches to this day is that the forces of the material world should be met with cunning and high spirits.

Isabella Widger lives and works in Glasgow.