Jones Underground

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It is a great pleasure to announce a special collaboration between A-M-G5 and Limited Ink Corporation of Edinburgh. This project will see each curate and present an exhibition at the other’s space. The intention is to further the creative dialogue between the art communities of Edinburgh and Glasgow and introduce new audiences to the activities of both spaces



Richard Walker Jones Underground
A solo exhibition, curated by Andrew Mummery, focussing on a new painting by Glasgow based artist Richard Walker.
Presented at Limited Ink Corporation, 77 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh EH7 5HS
27 and 28 April 2019, 12-5pm.
Preview: Friday 26 April, 6-9pm.
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A 2-part group exhibition co-curated by Steven Cox & Kevin Harman featuring the work of Steven Cox, Kevin Harman, Steff Norwood, Bernie Reid and Michael Staniak.

Part 1. Nice to Meet You
Presented at Limited Ink Corporation, Edinburgh on 3, 4 and 5 May 2019. Preview: Friday 3 May, 6-9pm.

Part 2. Haven’t We Met Before?
Presented at A-M-G5, Glasgow on 24, 25 and 26 May 2019. Preview: Friday 24 May, 6-9pm

Further information:

Richard Walker Jones Underground.
The exhibition focusses on a new large scale work consisting of three plywood panels painted with pigment, bound with co-polymer emulsion glaze. Jones Underground is a meditation on painting as a practice of observing and making. Walker asks simple, but profound questions: have we ever really looked at what is in front of us? What do we see?

Nice To Meet You / Haven’t We Met Before? is a 2-part group exhibition taking place on two separate occasions, at two different exhibition spaces, over two separate periods of time. The exhibition aims to open up a dialogue about how different installations of the same set of works can effect the reading, interpretation and memory of them.