Alan Hathaway

Alan Hathaway
Transmission [2022]

Screenprint and aluminium frame.

Edition of 25

Dimensions inc frame: 27 x 35 cm

Price: £450

Alan Hathaway made this multiple for his exhibition forever and just for one day at 20 Albert Road, Glasgow in July and August 2022.

The image is of David Bowie performing the song Heroes on Top of the Pops in 1977. Hathaway turned it into a print by first feeding an analogue signal through an HD convertor and viewing it on an old CRT monitor. Bowie’s performance was then photographed on screen using a digital camera. A still was selected and then screen-printed. The screen print was constructed in layers using a mix of silver and black ink. By breaking up the image and reconstructing it a highly detailed picture was created that shows the CRT screen structure. In this way the image is as much about the screen itself – the type that the original transmission would have been viewed on – as it is about Bowie on Top of The Pops.