Moyna Flannigan




Paintings and collage by Moyna Flannigan
Text by Lauren Dyer Amazeen from a conversation between Hanneline Visnes and Moyna Flannigan.

This book documents Moyna Flannigan’s exhibition Girl With Tear and includes a text specially commissioned from Lauren Dyer Amazeen.

Girl With Tear was presented by A-M-G5 at Oxford House, Glasgow from 23 March until 18 May 2019.

Moyna Flannigan is an artist living and working in Edinburgh and Dunbar.

Lauren Dyer Amazeen is a writer, art critic and researcher. She is a visiting lecturer at Glasgow School of Art and a researcher/ curator for an evolving project – Hidden Objects Oxford.

Girl With Tear

Artist: Moyna Flannigan
Text: Lauren Dyer Amazeen
Designer: Matthew Walkerdine
Printer: Mixam
Publication date: 2020
Binding: softback
Dimensions: 165 x 125 mm
Pages: 36
Edition of 300 of which 25 are signed and numbered by the artist