Philip Lumai – Sketch Forms & Strange Creatures

Philip Lumai

Sketch Forms & Strange Creatures

27 April – 25 May, 2024 at 20 Albert Road, Glasgow

Preview: Saturday 27 April, 6-8pm. 6:15 Philip Lumai in conversation with Andrew Mummery

Exhibition open Saturdays and Sundays, 2-5pm and by appointment

Double 5 (detail), 2023, oil on linen

The generation and suggestion of form, its idea or potential in colour, is my subject.

Painting, for Philip Lumai, is an analogical language of relations. It discovers itself and it produces, not reproduces, something. It is a creative action, a collection of movements that share and create together a common space; a bringing about of “something that did not pre-exist in other terms”.

“The elements of a painting, and the collection of energies within it, can coalesce or break apart, maybe even turn against themselves, at different crucial stages in the process of making. Everything must appear out of the material meetings and connections”.

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Philip Lumai is a painter living and working in Brussels.