Moyna Flannigan – Girl With Tear

I decided that she is my style icon forever, with her rigour and her dedicated look, her tightly buttoned shirts, her unimaginable combo of being harsh, ascetic, mighty and slightly coquettish at the same time.
[Nadia Tolokonnikova*]

Moyna Flannigan
Girl With Tear
23 March – 18 May 2019

Moyna Flannigan’s exhibition at A-M-G5 will focus on three representations of a single female image created in 2017. One is constructed out of cut paper coloured with ink and gouache, the other two are translations of the collaged image onto canvas using distemper (an emulsion made from warmed rabbit skin glue and pigment).The face, Flannigan’s image tells, us has many roles. It is a sign of identity, a vehicle of expression and a site of representation. It masks the self.

Flannigan’s piecing together of the image reveals the structure of expression. Its translation into different media amplifies its message by introducing a change of pace, scale and pattern. Hands and eyes are exposed as the most explicit sites of expression and concealment. Here it is the hands in particular. One – disembodied – points from the left of the picture. Behold! Pay attention to this. A second has/holds a black digit pointing upwards – an index finger admonishing silence, or a lipstick about to be applied? The third (gloved?) seems to protect what it advertises. Colour is kept to a miniumum, predominantly yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, white and black, but with subtlties achieved by mixing in variations of the principal hues.The materials used become the site, not merely the support of meaning.

In this image Flannigan reinterprets and reanimates female archetypes – goddess, movie star, super-model, protest singer, revolutionary – to create a new order, a re-mediation of an old con- tent.

I see my new paintings as part of a reassessment of where painting is right now. Painting has to exist in the world with everything else, not on a pedestal.The relationship is direct: a painting creates its own culture.
Moyna Flannigan, September 2018

*speaking to Vogue Magazine about Russian revolutionary Vera Figner.

Moyna Flannigan has invited fellow artist Hanneline Visnes to show a new painting as part of ‘Girl With Tear’.Visnes’s practice also addresses the representation of the female figure and the juxtapo- sition with Flannigan’s work will create an instructive dialogue.

A book focussing on ‘Girl With Tear’ and containing a new piece of writing commissioned from Lauren Dyer Amazeen will be published in July.

Moyna Flannigan lives in Edinburgh and has a studio in Dunbar, East Lothian.

Room 106 Oxford House, 71 Oxford Street, Glasgow G5 9EP