unintelligible truths 

unintelligible truths

In 1998 the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh presented an exhibition, curated by Pat Fisher, entitled ‘intelligible lies’. It featured the work of Victoria Morton, Carol Rhodes and Graeme Todd, all of whom had recently had, or were about to have, solo shows at the newly opened Andrew Mummery Gallery in London. The twentieth anniversary of ‘intelligible lies’ has provided an opportunity to revisit the exhibition and the questions that it asked. Topics addressed in the conversation included changes in studio and exhibition practice, and how painters deal with issues of reality and illusion in their work. The conversation was recorded and transcripts of excerpts from it will be available on this site soon.

One work each by Morton, Rhodes and Todd were on display on the occasion of the conversation.

Carol Rhodes, Victoria Morton and Graeme Todd, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, June 1998.

intelligible lies. Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh. 27 June – 1 August, 1998.

unintelligible truths. A-M-G5. November 2018.

Victoria Morton Untitled [2018] oil on canvas. 25.5 x 30 cm.

Carol Rhodes Geothermal Site [c. 2014-15] pencil on paper. 60.5 x 51 cm.

Graeme Todd Hermit House VIII [2018] acrylic, ink, gesso, pencil and varnish on plywood. 75 x 110 cm.

Room 106 Oxford House, 71 Oxford Street, Glasgow G5 9EP