In a small room a picture hangs on the wall. I sit on a chair to see what will happen next.
[Ivor Cutler]

A-M-G5 is a space for exhibitions and dialogue located in central Glasgow. Directed by Andrew Mummery it will present three exhibitions a year each focussing on one work by an invited artist. A programme of events will be organised to coincide with each exhibition, presenting the exhibited artwork and the work of its artist in a wider context.

In addition to the three exhibitions A-M-G5 will present, at different times during the year, curated projects themed around dialogue.

A-M-G5 will work with visual artists, designers, creative writers, musicians and curators. The programme will focus on work made in Scotland, but will also include contributions from artists from elsewhere in the UK and from overseas.

Room 106 Oxford House, 71 Oxford Street, Glasgow G5 9EP